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SeaKnight Treant II 3000h & SeaKnight Treant II 2000

SeaKnight TREANT II 5.0:1 6.2:1 Fishing Reel 1000H-6000H Spinning Reel 15KG/33LBs Carbon Fiber Drag Power Carp Fishing Tackles
1, 10 Ball Bearings + 1 Roller Bearing Provides Smooth Operation, 7 Ball Bearings for 1000H Series
2, CNC Machined Spool Light but Strong
3, Carbon Fiber Drag System Provides Powerful Performance
4, CNC Machined Aluminum Handle Left/Right Interchangeable
5, Soft Touch EVA Handle
6, High-Speed Gear Ratio Provides Quicker Rotate Performance
Model Weight
GearRatio Ball Bearings Max Drag
Line Capacity
1000H 198 5.0:1 6+1BB 5 0.15-120 0.18-100 0.20-90
2000H 265 6.2:1 10+1BB 9 0.18-260 0.20-220 0.25-160
3000H 267 6.2:1 10+1BB 11 0.20-260 0.25-220 0.30-160
4000H 270 6.2:1 10+1BB 13 0.25-220 0.30-150 0.35-140
5000H 384 6.2:1 10+1BB 15 0.35-220 0.40-180 0.45-160
6000H 388 6.2:1 10+1BB 15 0.35-280 0.40-240 0.45-200
Package List:
1pc * Fishing Reel;
1pc * Instructions;
1pc * Reel Bag;
Original Box Packing
SeaKnight Treant II 3000h, SeaKnight Treant II Reels 2021, SeaKnight Treant II 2000SeaKnight Treant II 3000h, SeaKnight Treant II Reels 2021, SeaKnight Treant II 2000SeaKnight Treant II 3000h, SeaKnight Treant II Reels 2021, SeaKnight Treant II 2000SeaKnight Treant II Reels 6SeaKnight Treant II Reels 7SeaKnight Treant II Reels 8SeaKnight Treant II Reels 9SeaKnight Treant II Reels 10SeaKnight Treant II Reels 11SeaKnight Treant II Reels 12SeaKnight Treant II Reels 13SeaKnight Treant II Reels 14SeaKnight Treant II Reels 15SeaKnight Treant II Reels 16SeaKnight Treant II Reels 17SeaKnight Treant II Reels 18
SeaKnight Treant II Reels 19SeaKnight Treant II Reels 20
Question 1 :
Can be used in both freshwater and saltwater?
No, TREANTII series is a freshwater reel.
Question 2 :
Does this reel really have ball bearing quantity as described?
yes,10 ball bearings and 1 roller bearing provides smooth operation for 2000,3000 and 4000 size, 7 ball bearings for 1000H series.
If you can’t find the position, please check the exploring picture in the description or leave us a message, we will help you to find all of them.
Question 3 :Can this reel change handle?
Answer:Yes, spinning reel is left and right handle interchangeable. if you need help, please tell us, we will show you video.
Question 4 :
What’s the material of reel body and spool?
The reel body is plastic material but strong.
CNC machined aluminum spool.
Question 5:
Does this reel have reverse switch?
Question 6:
Does this reel have spare spool to buy?
Sorry, this reel do not have spare spool yet. but if you want, please leave us message, we will tell you the replacement ones.
Question 7:
Which size can i buy if use for ultrlight rod?
Generally speaking, 1000 size is ok.

Additional information

Brand Name




Model Number

Spinning Reel TREANT II

Fishing Reels Type

Pre-Loading Spinning Wheel

Fishing Method


Baits Type

Fake Bait


TREANT II 1000H/2000H/3000H/4000H/5000H/6000H

Gear Ratio

5.0:1/6.2:1 (5.0:1 for 1000H)

Ball Bearings

6+1BB/10+1BB (6+1BB for 1000H)

Max Drag(1000H-6000H)


Reel Weight(1000H-6000H)


Line Capacity TREANT II 1000H

0.15mm-120M 0.18mm-100M 0.20mm-90M

Line Capacity TREANT II 2000H

0.18mm-260M 0.20mm-220M 0.25mm-160M

Line Capacity TREANT II 3000H

0.20mm-260M 0.25mm-220M 0.30mm-160M

Line Capacity TREANT II 4000H

0.25mm-240M 0.30mm-180M 0.35mm-140M

Line Capacity TREANT II 5000H

0.35mm220M 0.40mm-180M 0.45mm-160M

Line Capacity TREANT II 6000H

0.35mm-280M 0.40mm-240M 0.45mm-200M

Drag System

Carbon Fiber Drag System


Aluminum CNC Spool


Screw-in Handle

Use Mode

Left/Right Interchangeable


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